The Definition, Purposes, Functions and Services of Incubation Centers

(I) Definition 

Incubation Centers develop new businesses, new products, new technologies, and assist SMEs in upgrading and transforming themselves. They aim to reduce costs and risks for startups and early stage R&D by effectively combining resources such as office space, equipment and facilities, technology, fund sourcing, business services and management consulting. The creation of a superior cultivating environment at incubation centers will enhance any new venture's chance of success.

(II) Purposes

The construction of a robust and comprehensive platform to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship leads to the creation of new businesses. The flexible utilization and integration of domestic and overseas R&D resources, creates a superior environment for research and entrepreneurship and benefits the long-term development of SMEs. This enhances the competitiveness of SMEs, prompts the upgrade and transformation of industries and as a result, generates new impetus for the development of the national economy.

(III) Functions

  1. Reduces the investment risk associated with start-ups and R&D, thereby improving the success rate of entrepreneurs and innovators.
  2. Assists with incubation projects and helps with the development of new technologies and products.
  3. Enables the commercialization of R&D results.
  4. Provides a venue where academics and industry leaders can cooperate.
  5. Offers a testing services to speed up product development.
  6. Assist with consulting services in talent development, fund raising, information provision, management and other operations.

(VI) Services

  1. Business Support
    • Provision of office space and facilities.
    • Provision of shared laboratory equipment, machinery instruments and public utilities.
    • Services in sales and marketing planning.
    • Planning for professional training curricula and speeches.
    • Assistance in promotions and exhibitions.
    • Provision of investing and financing information and introductions to venture capital companies.
    • Legal consulting or counsel services in intellectual properties.
    • Assistance in applications for government support of R&D projects.
  2. Space and Facilities
    • Assistance in new company set-ups or business registration.
    • Advice in the drafting of business plans.
    • Help with contract drafting with internal parties(between companies and incubation centers)or external parties(between companies).
    • Management and maintenance of software and hardware.
    • Building security management.
  3. Technical and Manpower Support
    • Professional consultants.
    • Services in technology transferor introduction.
    • Services in industry-academic cooperation.
    • Assistance in cooperation and strategicalliances with technology research institutions.
    • Legal consulting or counsel services in intellectual properties.
  4. Information Support
    • Snformation on support provided by government agencies.
    • Assistance in gathering industries,markets or technologies information.
    • Facilitating collaboration between industrial associations, specialist academic associations and other

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